How Would We React If We Discovered Alien Life?

What would you do if we discovered alien life?

What would you do if we discovered alien life?

Do little, green men exist, or are they just a hollywood production? If they do exist, where do we find them? Will they find us first? Have they already found us? I really like these big questions about alien life, because it brings up so many unanswered questions we can only ponder about. We might never discover the answers, or we might find the answers tomorrow. We can’t be sure.

What we can be sure of is that life do exist in the universe. I’m not telling lies here, it does exist. You’re one example of just that. The fact that you and the 7 billion other fellow human beings are alive, proves that life has the potential to pop up in our universe.

However this didn’t happened over day. It’s instead a result of billion of years of evolution at work. From a single cell living in the ocean, to a lazy homo sapiens (that’s the fancy word for human beings). But let’s not waste any more time talking about our evolution, we’ll save that for some other time.

If life has the potential to grow here on Earth, doesn’t that mean it can happen somewhere else as well? 

That is the theory. The main ingredient for life (as we know it) here on Earth is water, so if we can find water on another planet there is a chance it could be life there. It doesn’t even have to be a planet, a single moon is enough. Like Jupiter’s moon Europa. This moon is believed to have a whole ocean beneath its surface. So it’s possible we will find life there sometime in the future (how exciting!).

Can you imagine the result of finding extraterrestrial life (another fancy word, this one is the same as alien life)? It could have a devastating effect on our society.

If you don’t believe me, then consider this: We live in a world where we have several major religions. Many of them is based on the creation of man by God. It is not based upon science or evolution, so these religions do not believe in alien life. Many religious people will simply deny the possibility because of their religion. I’m not going to tell you what to believe, I’m simply putting all the cards on the table in order to look at it from a scientific perspective.

Now if you woke up tomorrow to find out a dozen of small, green men had shook hands with the president, how would you react? It would without doubt change our lives for ever! But how do you think the religious part of the world would react if they heard this? It would basically prove their religion wrong.

As you probably know some religious people can be a bit violent in their way (I’m talking about terrorists). It’s hard to say for certain how people like that would react to such morning news. I believe we would see a mass riot appear based solely on desperation and frustration. Some people might deny the evidence of alien life, while others would feel proud to witness human history taking place right in front of their eyes. However I believe most people would just be shocked, not knowing what to do. Society as we know it would break down.

Our world would change for ever.

19 thoughts on “How Would We React If We Discovered Alien Life?

    • You have a good point there, Nicolas. A physicist named Michio Kaku said that if aliens have the technology to come to us, then they must be millions, maybe billions of years ahead of us. So that means they have had billion of years to sort out their violent and wars.

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  2. This is an interesting coincidences because I had a similar topic in mind today too because I did read about that topic in a german magazine today in the morning and it inspired me anyhow. Then I did read your article and saw a relation. I finished my blog post and mentioned your article and your blog generally. Alien life is an interesting topic to think about.
    Dennis recently posted…Discovery of Alien Life… What would happen?My Profile

    • Hey, Dennis! Thank you for the pingback! It’s much appreciated ;)

      I’m confident that we are not alone in the universe. It’s just too big and it would be too much of an coincidence if we were all alone.

      PS: I’ve put a link to your blog post in this article.

  3. No way! The religious people would find some assinine way of just making it fit to there advantage. Take the Catholic church with more and more evidence that evolution exists to the point where they will look stupid if they denied it. So there just laying off the old school bullshit. Now more simple minded retards of the Abrahamic faiths feel like they have something to prove. Which comes the point if tomorrow we see a giant craft in the sky with the world leaders shaking hands with the new embassitors I would think the leaders would ask them to rid the world of crazy fucks like them. Besides I don’t think the extremests came close to dealing with intergalactic technology.

    • Hello, Danny!

      You’re right. Some religious people might turn it around to their benefit.

      But to be honest.. if we ever made contact with aliens. I’m 99% sure it would take place secretly without the public knowing. For all we know it has already happened. The government would go all the way to try to hide such a secret in fright of how the public would react.

  4. And that’s exactly why their very existence is being kept hidden from the world. Look at all the evidence out there. Countless upon countless of testimonies, and all the information leaks from government officials. The evidence is indisputable but You’re right, society as we know it would break down. It’s an amazing fact but people just aren’t ready to accept it.

    • I don’t think we’ll ever be ready to accept an alien existence. In our minds we are on the top of the world, and if anything were to change that perspective we would pretty much feel helpless.

      I don’t know if you’ve seen a program called “Ancient Aliens”. Though the program should be viewed with skepticism, it does provide a wide variety of different viewpoints and some facts hard to deny which proves aliens to have visited the earth.

  5. i know im just a teen but from my point of veiw homo sapiens would be frustrated and all religous people would deny it but the UN would obviously have a defense attack it would be an all out nuclear war

    • Hi Edwin!
      I think we have a different viewpoint on this one.. I highly doubt it would end in a global nuclear war. I just don’t see what either sides would benefit from going to war against each other. With that being said, we can’t rule out the possibility neither.. But personally I don’t think it will end that way.

  6. well about me I am just a 16 y.o with an interest in conspiracy theories and all this stuff my question is what if aliens too have religions? and what if they brand us an affront to their religion? one thing is for sure if they think like us there would be a war for sure

    • A very thought provoking question you’ve got there, Ehtesham. I personally can’t see any reason why aliens wouldn’t have a religion of some sort. If that’s the case I believe they would focus on just one religion, and not several like we do. Let’s assume they have the technology to travel far distances in the universe, then I would assume they would have worked out a religion that suits them all.

      It’s hard to say whether or not we would be seen as an offense to their possible religion. Maybe they will be smart enough to see that ruling us out doesn’t make any difference, or maybe they would be so religious they don’t care. Hard to tell really.

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  8. I live next to warton aerospace. Three wks ago I laid in bed and saw a flash light up the black dark sky. Thinking it was going to be lightening I laid and watched. Few mins later there was a bright flash and I saw a massive spacecraft. Extremely shocked and with my heart pounding I jumped up and told myself that I had imagined it. Even prayed to God that I didnt see it because I was terrified. I stood at my window watching àñd the sky lit up and I saw clear as day a craft. I grabbed my phone and pressed film but the flash went off reflected off window. Grabbed tablet camera and left it running. Few mins later sky lit up and from my bed where I was hiding I saw the craft and went screaming for my son. Did not see again but camera picked up a very bright light coming over top of my home and a bright flash. Been scared since. They are definitely here.

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